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NRG Compliance provides title 24 energy reports on energy conservation, energy efficiency for homeowners, architects, designers, and builders in California.

NRG Compliance, LP offers Residential Title 24 Energy Calculation Services to homeowners, architects, designers, and builders throughout the state of California.

After review of your proposed building design, we perform an energy calculation to demonstrate compliance with the standards.

Using state-certified software, we generate and print a Title 24 energy report including all the forms. We guarantee our work to pass your local building department and we can have your report back to you next business day. Unlike other Title 24 consultants who charge per square footage, we charge a flat rate of with no size restrictions. We also can do Title 24 Consulting for your alternative building material such as straw bale, eco-block,etc.


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Business Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 4PM

NRG Compliance, LP
Santa Rosa CA